Top 5 Things to Consider When Buying an E-bike

Maybe you have had your eye on a shiny new Ridel electric bike or electric mountain bike for some time. Maybe you had no idea such an amazing transportation method even existed. No matter what the case may be, there are always considerations to think over before making an important purchase of this nature.

Ebikes have been steadily rising in popularity as a commuting option to urban dwellers and a recreational transportation method nationwide. They are fun, eco-friendly, and fabulous for your fitness routine. Ride along with us today as we share our top 5 things to keep in mind if you are considering an electric bike purchase.

  1. Ebikes Are Easier

Ebikes put the zoom zoom in your everyday bike riding. You still control your speed by pedaling, but if you need a little extra kick to get up that hill or go that final mile, an electric bicycle has you covered. Some ebikes even have a throttle to give you more power with a small but mighty electric motor. No matter which method of power control you prefer, Ridel ebikes have a model for every rider.

  1. There is an Ebike for Everyone

Whether you are a city commuter looking for a bike to get to work or school or a weekend warrior searching for an electric mountain bike for any terrain, there are ebike models for any need. Some ebikes have extremely lightweight frames and are exceptionally portable. They can also vary in motor sizes and power. Finally, electric bicycles can feature differing tire styles to fit your needs, be them commuting, riding for recreation or mountain biking.

  1. Who Needs a Car

A good electric bike can actually replace a car in many situations. They are inexpensive to operate, as fueling a motor by electricity is a fraction of the cost of gas. Ebikes are also space-efficient and easy to park, so no more driving in circles looking for a parking spot during rush hour.

In addition, research has shown that over half of car travel is to destinations less than 10 miles from home. Ebikes can easily travel this distance. You may find replacing four wheels by two is easier than you think.

  1. Save Green While Going Green

Maintaining an electric bike and paying to power it is far less expensive than car ownership or even paying to ride public transportation. It is that simple.

  1. They are FUNctional

It is fun and freeing to feel the wind on your face, and pedaling your way into the day gives you both physical and mental health. In these crazy times, you can’t go wrong with anything that is fun. To be truthful, electric bike riding is the perfect socially distanced activity.

We hope you have enjoyed our thoughts on things to consider when looking to purchase an electric bike or mountain bike. If you are ready to make this leap, be sure to check out Ridel.

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